WP-AGI Thought Chains: A New Way to Facilitate High-Level Reasoning in AI


AI is rapidly advancing, and with it, the tools we use to interact and reason with these systems are evolving too. An exciting development in this space is WP-AGI Thought Chains, a plugin for the popular website-building platform, WordPress. This tool enables high-level reasoning within AI systems through a systematic, step-based process.

At its core, WP-AGI operates as a relay race, where each step in the process is a runner and the conversation itself is the baton. In each step, a different AI persona, or ‘agent’, contributes to the conversation, bringing a unique perspective and refining the chain of thought. These agents rely heavily on “step tags” — placeholders that contain the content from a specific previous step. The importance of each ‘handover’ in this race can’t be overstated, as it directly influences the direction and coherence of the subsequent steps.

In this process, it’s crucial that each step provides substantive and relevant information that the next agent can build upon, ensuring continuity and coherence in the conversation. Voting agent layers act as a check and balance system, maintaining conversation quality and relevance, and ensuring the conversation achieves its initial objectives.

An exciting feature of WP-AGI is its accessibility. Even non-programmers can design intellectual tasks with checks and balances, effectively giving WordPress a user-friendly interface for AGI capabilities of higher-level reasoning. In doing so, the ‘black box’ often associated with AI is made transparent, allowing users to monitor the reasoning process in natural language.

But the key is competency, not complexity. Rather than requiring the largest or the smartest AI models, WP-AGI leverages the strengths of a competent group of intelligent agents. These agents evaluate thoughts systematically, much like the layers of the human brain, and their outputs are stored in a human-readable format. This allows for transparency and fine-tuning of the AI reasoning process, creating a system that is robust, reliable, and customizable to users’ specific needs.

In conclusion, WP-AGI Thought Chains represent a significant step forward in AI development, making high-level reasoning accessible, understandable, and practical for a wide range of users. Whether you’re a small business owner, an AI enthusiast, or just someone interested in the capabilities of AI, this tool has something to offer.

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