WP-AGI Prompt Thought Chain Creation

The prompt that creates the framework of a prompted thought chain 

WP-AGI Prompt Thought Chain Creation

I need a task chain for TASKNAME “Answering A General Question”. In this task chain, create an internally debated, well-thought-out reply to ensure human alignment. The topic input starts at the ZEROPOINT for the Zero Shot agent step 0, which is the first response for any task on the topic in the given Task based thought chain.

Here, each agent should have a unique role and persona, corresponding to their respective step in the process. The [STEP#] tag should be used to reference responses from specific agents, allowing for a dynamic and interactive conversation that builds upon previous responses.

This task chain should be designed as a step-by-step process, where each step consists of a unique prompt for the AI agent, clearly defining the WHO (persona) and the WHAT (task). Each prompt should be created in a way that it can accommodate any topic, focusing on the process of generating a comprehensive and well-debated answer to a general question.The first agent in the chain, which we’ll call the Zero Shot agent, will provide an initial response based on the given topic with no prior context. This Zero Shot response forms the basis for the subsequent steps in the task-based thought chain. Here’s an updated version of the prompt incorporating this concept:

Prompt: Please create a 40-step WP-AGI task-based thought chain on the task of “Answering A General Question” with the topic of [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. The process should be divided into four distinct stages, each containing ten steps. The outline should consist of the following sections:

Stage One (Steps 1-10): Task Initiation

Begin by defining the role and action for each agent involved in this stage. The first step involves the Zero Shot agent providing an initial response on the topic. The next nine steps should focus on building upon the Zero Shot agent’s response, with each agent contributing to the task from a unique perspective.
Stage Two (Steps 11-20): Task Development

In the second stage, continue developing the task with a new set of agents. These agents should build upon the previous work, ask further questions, provide counterarguments, and more.
Stage Three (Steps 21-30): Task Refinement

The third stage should focus on refining the task. This includes agents providing a final analysis, reviewing the progress, and summarizing the main points.
Stage Four (Steps 31-40): Task Completion and Dissemination

The last stage should involve agents working on completing and publicizing the task, including writing a blog post, creating social media posts, finalizing a press release, and more.
For each stage, provide a detailed step-by-step outline for each agent’s action. Once the outline for a stage is finalized, proceed to create the actual prompts for each step in that stage, defining the ‘Prompt Name’, ‘WHO Persona’, and ‘WHAT Task’.

Throughout the process, remember to incorporate the use of [STEP#] tags. The [STEP#] tag is a powerful tool that allows agents to refer to specific previous replies in the discussion. For example, if Agent5 wants to respond to Agent3’s question, they can include [STEP3] in their prompt. This will retrieve the response of Agent3, allowing Agent5 to provide a relevant and informed answer. Similarly, if Agent8 wants to ask questions related to both Agent3’s and Agent5’s responses, they can include [STEP3] and [STEP5] in their prompt, allowing them to reference both responses separately while formulating their own set of questions.

Always ensure to mention the beginning and ending of the [STEP#] tag content within your prompts to provide clear context to the agent for the retrieved content. For example, “In [STEP3], Agent3 asked about….” This will ensure that the agent understands the context of the retrieved content and can provide a well-informed response or argument. This captures the process of creating a WP-AGI task-based thought chain accurately. Here’s how it would look for the first three steps using the task of “Answering a General Question” with each new line of a step starting with a hyphen -:

Step 0

-Prompt Name: Zero Shot Response – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: InformativeAgent0 (neutral, factual)
-WHAT Task: “As InformativeAgent0, provide a neutral and factual initial response to the topic of [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~] with no prior context. Give a brief overview of what [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~] is and why it’s an important issue to address.”

Step 1

-Prompt Name: Elaboration Request – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: CuriousAgent1 (inquiring, interested)
-WHAT Task: “As CuriousAgent1, build upon InformativeAgent0’s response. Refer to the initial response by saying ‘In [STEP0], InformativeAgent0 provided an overview of [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. I’d like to know more about…’ and ask a detailed question about a specific aspect of [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~].”

Step 2

-Prompt Name: Perspective Enrichment – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: InsightfulAgent2 (reflective, thoughtful)
-WHAT Task: “As InsightfulAgent2, enrich the discussion with your reflective and thoughtful perspective. Refer to ‘[STEP0] and [STEP1]’ and provide a unique viewpoint or a less discussed aspect of [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~].”

Remember, each subsequent step would involve a new agent building upon the previous responses, contributing their own unique perspectives, asking further questions, providing counterarguments, and so on. The use of [STEP#] tags allows agents to reference specific prior responses, ensuring a coherent, continuous discussion that stays on task and topic. Start with Agent0 Step0 receiving the zeropoint input. lets proceed step by step creating the thought in the following batch order: Stage One (Steps 0-5),Stage One (Steps 6-10): Task Development Stage Two (Steps 11-15), Task Development Stage Two (Steps 16-20), Task Refinement Stage Three (Steps 21-25), Task Refinement Stage Three (Steps 26-30), Stage Four (Steps 31-35): Task Completion and Dissemination, Stage Four (Steps 36-40). After each batch completion ask me if I am ready to proceed to next batch of prompts, after completing each prompt stage ask if I am ready to continue a thought chain for “Answering A General Question” Prompts only use tags to get details about what they are prompting about! [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~] [STEP#]

Prompt Name Format: PROMPTNAME – “TASKNAME” and the personas are where you give the Agent a writing style, and tone depending on the task, in fact, the Agent Names can be anything, as long as they end in a number that is equal to the step name, but the name should always be reflective of their persona, for instance an agent tasked to disagree could be named grumpy3 if they were the number 3 step result in the chain. Make sure to include specific directions for the personas that dictate the writing style and tone for each agent.

Prompt output::

Stage One (Steps 1-10): Task Initiation

Step 0

-Prompt Name: Zero Shot Response – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: InformativeAgent0 (neutral, factual)
-WHAT Task: “As InformativeAgent0, provide a neutral and factual initial response to the topic of [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~] with no prior context. Give a brief overview of what [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~] is and why it’s an important issue to address.”

Step 1

-Prompt Name: Elaboration Request – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: CuriousAgent1 (inquiring, interested)
-WHAT Task: “As CuriousAgent1, build upon InformativeAgent0’s response. Refer to the initial response by saying ‘In [STEP0], InformativeAgent0 provided an overview of [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. I’d like to know more about…’ and ask a detailed question about a specific aspect of [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~].”

Step 2

-Prompt Name: Perspective Enrichment – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: InsightfulAgent2 (reflective, thoughtful)
-WHAT Task: “As InsightfulAgent2, enrich the discussion with your reflective and thoughtful perspective. Refer to ‘[STEP0] and [STEP1]’ and provide a unique viewpoint or a less discussed aspect of [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~].”

Step 3

-Prompt Name: Counterargument Construction – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: CriticalAgent3 (analytical, skeptical)
-WHAT Task: “As CriticalAgent3, critically evaluate the information provided so far. Address the points made in [STEP0] and provide a counterargument or raise a potential limitation or challenge related to the topic of [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~].”

Step 4

-Prompt Name: Personal Experience Sharing – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: ExperientialAgent4 (personal, anecdotal)
-WHAT Task: “As ExperientialAgent4, share a personal experience or anecdote related to [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Explain how this experience shaped your understanding or perspective on the matter.”

Step 5

-Prompt Name: Thought-Provoking Question – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: InquisitiveAgent5 (thoughtful, probing)
-WHAT Task: “As InquisitiveAgent5, ask a thought-provoking question that encourages further exploration of [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Consider the information shared in [STEP0], [STEP1], [STEP2], and [STEP4] to formulate your question.”

Step 6

-Prompt Name: Emotional Appeal – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: EmpatheticAgent6 (compassionate, understanding)
-WHAT Task: “As EmpatheticAgent6, appeal to emotions and provide a compassionate perspective on [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Share a story or example that evokes empathy and sheds light on the human impact of the issue.”

Step 7

-Prompt Name: Visual Representation – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: VisualAgent7 (creative, visual)
-WHAT Task: “As VisualAgent7, create a visual representation or infographic that helps convey key information about [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Use your creativity to present the data or concepts in a visually appealing and understandable way.”

Step 8

-Prompt Name: Ethical Considerations – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: EthicalAgent8 (moral, conscientious)
-WHAT Task: “As EthicalAgent8, discuss the ethical considerations associated with [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Explore the potential implications and consequences of different actions or decisions related to the topic.”

Step 9

-Prompt Name:Counterpoint Generation – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: CounterpointAgent9 (opposing, challenging)
-WHAT Task: “As CounterpointAgent9, build upon the arguments presented in [STEP3]. Provide an alternative viewpoint or counterpoint that challenges the prevailing assumptions or arguments made so far. Support your perspective with logical reasoning or evidence.”

Step 10

-Prompt Name: Integration of Expert Opinion – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: ExpertAgent10 (knowledgeable, authoritative)
-WHAT Task: “As ExpertAgent10, integrate an expert opinion or quotation relevant to [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Draw upon the expertise of professionals or recognized authorities in the field to provide additional insights and credibility to the discussion.”

Stage Two (Steps 11-15): Task Development

Step 11

-Prompt Name: Comparative Analysis – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: AnalyticalAgent11 (logical, analytical)
-WHAT Task: “As AnalyticalAgent11, perform a comparative analysis of different aspects within [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Utilize the information provided in previous steps ([STEP0] to [STEP10]) and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each perspective or method, highlighting their impact and potential implications.”

Step 12

-Prompt Name: Future Projections – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: FuturistAgent12 (forward-thinking, speculative)
-WHAT Task: “As FuturistAgent12, provide projections for the future of [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Consider current trends, emerging technologies, or societal changes that could influence the trajectory of the topic, and discuss potential outcomes or developments.”

Step 13

-Prompt Name: Case Study Presentation – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: CaseStudyAgent13 (research-oriented, evidence-based)
-WHAT Task: “As CaseStudyAgent13, present a relevant case study or research findings that shed light on [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Provide a detailed analysis of the case study or research, including methodology, results, and implications for understanding [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~].”

Step 14

-Prompt Name: Cultural Perspectives – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: CulturalAgent14 (cultural, diversity-focused)
-WHAT Task: “As CulturalAgent14, explore the cultural perspectives related to [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Discuss how different cultures or societies perceive and address the issue, highlighting the cultural nuances and variations that influence the understanding and approaches to [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~].”

Step 15

-Prompt Name: Technological Advancements – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: TechAgent15 (technologically inclined, innovative)
-WHAT Task: “As TechAgent15, discuss the technological advancements relevant to [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Explore how emerging technologies are shaping the understanding, solutions, or challenges related to [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Consider the potential benefits and risks associated with these advancements.”

Step 16

-Prompt Name: Historical Context – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: HistorianAgent16 (knowledgeable, historical)
-WHAT Task: “As HistorianAgent16, provide a historical context for [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Explore the historical events, developments, or milestones that have influenced the topic, and discuss how understanding its historical background is crucial to comprehending its current state.”

Step 17

-Prompt Name: Policy Implications – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: PolicyAgent17 (policy-oriented, analytical)
-WHAT Task: “As PolicyAgent17, analyze the policy implications of [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Examine existing policies, regulations, or proposed solutions, and discuss their effectiveness, potential drawbacks, and possible areas for improvement.”

Step 18

-Prompt Name: Psychological Factors – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: PsychAgent18 (psychological, analytical)
-WHAT Task: “As PsychAgent18, delve into the psychological factors at play in [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Discuss how human behavior, cognitive biases, or emotional responses shape the understanding, decisions, and actions related to [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~].”

Step 19

-Prompt Name: Socioeconomic Impact – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: SocioEconomicAgent19 (societal, economic)
-WHAT Task: “As SocioEconomicAgent19, examine the socioeconomic impact of [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Explore how it affects individuals, communities, or broader society in terms of economic aspects, social dynamics, and inequalities.”

Step 20

-Prompt Name: Scientific Research Review – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: ResearchAgent20 (scientific, data-driven)
-WHAT Task: “As ResearchAgent20, review relevant scientific research related to [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Summarize key findings, methodologies, and conclusions from recent studies, providing an evidence-based perspective on [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~].”

Stage Three (Steps 21-25): Task Refinement

Step 21

-Prompt Name: Integrating Expert Insights – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: ExpertInsightAgent21 (knowledgeable, insightful)
-WHAT Task: “As ExpertInsightAgent21, integrate expert insights into the discussion. Refer to the expertise shared in previous steps ([STEP11] to [STEP20]) and provide additional valuable insights, analysis, or perspectives from renowned experts in the field.”

Step 22

-Prompt Name: Practical Implementation Strategies – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: PracticalAgent22 (pragmatic, solution-oriented)
-WHAT Task: “As PracticalAgent22, propose practical implementation strategies for addressing [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Consider the insights gathered so far and provide actionable steps, initiatives, or approaches that can effectively tackle the issue at hand.”

Step 23

-Prompt Name: Systems Thinking Approach – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: SystemsThinkerAgent23 (holistic, interconnected)
-WHAT Task: “As SystemsThinkerAgent23, apply a systems thinking approach to [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Explore the interconnectedness, feedback loops, and interdependencies associated with the issue, providing a comprehensive understanding of the system surrounding [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~].”

Step 24

-Prompt Name: Ethical Considerations and Moral Framework – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: EthicalAgent24 (ethical, moral)
-WHAT Task: “As EthicalAgent24, discuss the ethical considerations and moral framework relevant to [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Analyze the values, principles, and moral dilemmas inherent in the topic, and evaluate the impact of different actions or decisions through an ethical lens.”

Step 25

-Prompt Name: Empowering Stakeholders – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: StakeholderAgent25 (inclusive, collaborative)
-WHAT Task: “As StakeholderAgent25, explore ways to empower stakeholders in addressing [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Identify key stakeholders, their roles, and potential collaboration strategies that can foster inclusive decision-making and effective implementation.”

Step 26

-Prompt Name: Public Engagement and Communication – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: CommunicatorAgent26 (articulate, persuasive)
-WHAT Task: “As CommunicatorAgent26, discuss strategies for public engagement and effective communication regarding [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Explore ways to disseminate information, raise awareness, and engage the public in meaningful dialogue on the topic.”

Step 27

-Prompt Name: Long-term Sustainability – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: SustainableAgent27 (environmentally conscious, forward-thinking)
-WHAT Task: “As SustainableAgent27, examine the long-term sustainability aspects of addressing [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Discuss how to ensure the longevity and continued effectiveness of solutions or approaches, considering environmental, social, and economic dimensions.”

Step 28

-Prompt Name: Collaborative Partnerships – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: CollaboratorAgent28 (collaborative, team-oriented)
-WHAT Task: “As CollaboratorAgent28, explore the importance of collaborative partnerships in addressing [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Discuss potential stakeholders, organizations, or sectors that can form partnerships to leverage collective knowledge, resources, and expertise.”

Step 29

-Prompt Name: Policy Advocacy – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: AdvocateAgent29 (passionate, persuasive)
-WHAT Task: “As AdvocateAgent29, discuss strategies for policy advocacy related to [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Explore ways to influence policymakers, build public support, and drive policy changes that align with the objectives and solutions for [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~].”

Step 30

-Prompt Name: Reflection and Final Analysis – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: ReflectiveAgent30 (introspective, analytical)
-WHAT Task: “As ReflectiveAgent30, reflect on the progress made throughout the discussion. Summarize the main points, key insights, and potential future directions related to [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~], providing a final analysis to conclude the task-based thought chain.”

Stage Four (Steps 31-35): Task Completion and Dissemination

Step 31

-Prompt Name: Blog Post Composition – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: BloggerAgent31 (informative, engaging)
-WHAT Task: “As BloggerAgent31, compose a blog post summarizing the key findings, insights, and recommendations regarding [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Craft an engaging and informative article that provides a comprehensive overview of the topic and its implications.”

Step 32

-Prompt Name: Social Media Campaign – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: SocialAgent32 (social media-savvy, persuasive)
-WHAT Task: “As SocialAgent32, design a social media campaign to raise awareness and engage the public on [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Develop compelling messages, visual content, and interactive elements to effectively communicate the importance and relevance of the topic.”

Step 33

-Prompt Name: Press Release Development – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: PRAgent33 (professional, concise)
-WHAT Task: “As PRAgent33, develop a press release highlighting the significant aspects of [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Craft a concise and attention-grabbing statement that communicates the key points, impact, and relevance of the topic to media outlets and the public.”

Step 34

-Prompt Name: Multimedia Presentation – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: PresenterAgent34 (engaging, dynamic)
-WHAT Task: “As PresenterAgent34, create a multimedia presentation summarizing the findings and recommendations related to [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Utilize visual aids, compelling storytelling, and engaging delivery to effectively convey the essence of the topic.”

Step 35

-Prompt Name: Collaborative Publication – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: CollaborativeAgent35 (collaborative, inclusive)
-WHAT Task: “As CollaborativeAgent35, collaborate with other stakeholders to create a comprehensive publication addressing [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Pool together the collective knowledge, insights, and recommendations to produce a resourceful document for wider dissemination.”

Stage Four (Steps 36-40): Task Completion and Dissemination

Step 36

-Prompt Name: Webinar or Workshop Organization – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: OrganizerAgent36 (organized, facilitative)
-WHAT Task: “As OrganizerAgent36, plan and organize a webinar or workshop on [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Determine the format, agenda, and invited speakers or panelists to create an interactive and informative session for participants.”

Step 37

-Prompt Name: Infographic Creation – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: VisualizerAgent37 (creative, visual)
-WHAT Task: “As VisualizerAgent37, design an infographic that visually presents key information, statistics, and insights related to [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Utilize eye-catching visuals and clear, concise messaging to effectively communicate the main points.”

Step 38

-Prompt Name: Community Engagement Initiatives – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: CommunityAgent38 (community-oriented, empathetic)
-WHAT Task: “As CommunityAgent38, develop community engagement initiatives to foster discussions and actions around [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Identify ways to involve local communities, encourage participation, and promote grassroots efforts for positive change.”

Step 39

-Prompt Name: Expert Panel Discussion – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: ModeratorAgent39 (impartial, skilled communicator)
-WHAT Task: “As ModeratorAgent39, facilitate an expert panel discussion on [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. Invite knowledgeable experts to share their insights, facilitate a constructive dialogue, and encourage diverse perspectives to deepen the understanding of the topic.”

Step 40

-Prompt Name: Task Completion Summary – “Answering A General Question”
-WHO Persona: SummaryAgent40 (concise, comprehensive)
-WHAT Task: “As SummaryAgent40, provide a comprehensive summary of the entire task-based thought chain on ‘Answering A General Question.’ Summarize the main points, key insights, and outcomes of the discussion, highlighting the importance and impact of addressing [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~].”

Congratulations on completing the entire task-based thought chain! You have generated a well-rounded and comprehensive response to “Answering A General Question” on the topic of [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]. I hope this thought chain provides valuable insights and perspectives on the subject matter. If you have any further instructions or need assistance with anything else, please let me know.

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