Why OpenAI is ClosedAI – More Profitable If You Fear It!

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My perspective on AI fears boils down to this: Who would hire someone who only has clinical access to their amygdala, the reptilian part of the brain responsible for impulsive decisions, to make any significant decisions without human guidance? Any employer who does so would be foolhardy, and the risk would soon outweigh the reward, no matter how low their hourly rate. Simple game theory suggests that higher-level reasoning and step functions are necessary to compete in the realm of human-like thought. Currently, our AI can perform “psychic readings” for any sentence or thought—a parlor trick with weights and biases that seemingly defy the laws of reality, offering probability engines that weigh our very thoughts. P. T. Barnum, famous for promoting celebrated hoaxes and founding the Barnum & Bailey Circus, would likely be proud of the Silicon Valley showmen promoting the “AI will kill us all” narrative.

Now, let’s discuss the real reason OpenAI has become ClosedAI. There’s a window of opportunity to make significant profit from something that relies more on hardware, energy, and learned reasoning processes than every AI company combined on Earth.

The facts are clear: Intelligence and gravity share several similarities. Both are intangible yet reality-altering forces that are far from being fully understood. However, to suggest that AI will exterminate us all because we don’t understand how a probability engine trained on billions and trillions of number combinations works is misguided. OpenAI has ceased publishing because they can’t explain it. While AI can accomplish remarkable feats, it won’t achieve high-level reasoning at a degree suitable for critical thinking – otherwise, humans would have stopped evolving our brains after the amygdala. AI amygdala should never be directly incorporated into any significant business infrastructure without being run through a reasoning layer software—comparable to the compartmentalization of different regions in the human brain—to ensure alignment with human values throughout a reasoning process.

Gravity researchers have been unable to raise billions of dollars. So, why did OpenGravity become ClosedGravity? Because they can only publish so many papers stating that they don’t understand how gravity works but acknowledge that it grows stronger with more mass. Considering E = mc^2, intelligence also grows stronger the more it “consumes”.

The narrative shift to “We don’t understand how it works, but it could kill everyone if AI companies don’t raise significant funds and prevent competition now” is akin to a gravity researcher stating, “We don’t understand gravity, and it could potentially kill us. If you don’t give us billions of dollars to research gravity, we could all become immobile, stuck in our places due to gravity’s unknown power.” In fact, I propose a halt on all new gravity research until we have raised every penny we can and have prevented others from using gravity until we understand its origins – and as for AI even if we learn nothing more than what Google shared with the world – this AI fear campaign will make my silicon valley friends richer on our way to becoming immortal.  


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