Prompting Styles

  1. Direct Question: This is the most straightforward type of prompt, where you ask a direct question. The model will attempt to provide the most accurate and informative response. For example: “What is the capital of Australia?”
  2. Instructional: Here, you provide a clear instruction or command to the model, and it will attempt to fulfill it. For example: “Translate the following English text to Spanish: ‘Hello, how are you?'”
  3. Creative Writing: In this type of prompt, you provide a starting point or outline for a creative text, and the model expands on it. For example: “Write a short story about a lonely robot on Mars.”
  4. Continuation: This involves providing the model with a part of a text or a sentence and asking it to continue it. For example: “I walked into the old, haunted house and…”
  5. Role-Playing: Here, you engage the model in a role-play scenario. For example: “You are a tour guide showing me around the historical city of Rome. What places will you show me?”
  6. Debate Style: This style involves providing a controversial statement or a topic and asking the model to argue for or against it. For example: “Argue for the benefits of renewable energy sources.”
  7. Problem Solving: This style prompts the model with a problem that needs a solution. For example: “If I have 3 apples and I eat 1, how many do I have left?”
  8. Simulation: You instruct the model to simulate a particular situation, conversation, or character. For example: “Simulate a conversation between Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton.”
  9. Hypotheticals: These prompts involve imaginary or speculative scenarios. For example: “What would happen if the internet suddenly stopped working?”
  10. Fill in the Blanks: This type of prompt provides a sentence with missing words for the AI to complete. For example: “The Eiffel Tower is located in ______.”
Adjust Writing Style, Writing Tone, and Language

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