Promptinator Command User Guide

Elevate your interactions with the Promptinator using these special commands. Here’s how you can make the most of our system:

Text Input:

To quickly get a basic text input:

Format: [Label ~default text~]

Example: [Username ~JohnDoe~]

Result: An input field labeled “Username” with a default value of “JohnDoe”.


  1. A – Adjustable TextareaFor multi-line text areas:Format: [A-Label- |number of rows| ~default context~]Example: [A-Feedback- |5| ~Share your feedback…~]Result: A textarea labeled “Feedback”, consisting of 5 rows, with default text “Share your feedback…”.
  2. B – Buttons (Single Selection)For selectable buttons:
    Format: [B-Label- |option1|option2|...| ~default option~]

    Example: [B-Choose Color- |Red|Blue|Green| ~Red~]

    Result: A set of buttons labeled “Choose Color”, with options “Red”, “Blue”, and “Green”, with “Red” as the default.

  3. C – CheckboxesFor multi-select checkboxes:Format: [C-Label- |option1|option2|…| default checked ~option1~]Example: [C-Preferences- |Email|SMS|Call| ~Email~]Result: Checkboxes labeled “Preferences” with options “Email”, “SMS”, and “Call”. “Email” is checked by default.
  4. D – Dropdown MenuFor dropdown selections:Format: [D-Label- |option1|option2|…| ~default option~]Example: [D-Country- |USA|Canada|UK| ~USA~]Result: A dropdown menu labeled “Country” with options “USA”, “Canada”, and “UK”. “USA” is the default.
  5. I – Internet:Format: [I-Lable Sites- ||| ~Default Selection~]Result: opens iFrame, when clicked, will open the data to the specified URL.
  6. P – Post CommandTo generate a “submit” button that sends data to a specific endpoint:Format: [POST]Result: A “submit” button which, when clicked, will send the data to the specified URL.
  7. {{DONE}} Auto select checkbox to save AI task on completion
  8. {{outputN}} N is a number representing the step in the output stack to inject into an AI input prompt

General Notes:

  • Brackets: Every command is enclosed in brackets […].
  • Labels: Every input type can have a label, provided right after the command character and before the first hyphen .
  • Default Values: Defaults are within tildes ~…~.
  • Options: For commands requiring options (e.g., button choices or dropdown selections), these options are listed between vertical bars |…|.

This guide serves as a comprehensive overview of the Promptinator’s command capabilities. Utilizing these commands will allow users to create interactive and dynamic prompts with ease.

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