estimate for a roof cleaning job

Based on the details provided by the customer, we are calculating an estimate for a roof cleaning job. The roof is [roof_type] and has a total area of [roof_area] square feet. The building is [number_of_stories] stories high. The customer is located in [location] and has requested that plants and trees be covered during the cleaning process: [covering_plants]. The customer has also requested a rush timeline: [rush_timeline]. Our base pricing is as follows: Cleaning asphalt shingles, metal, and clay tiles costs $10 per square foot, and wood shakes cost $12 per square foot. We add an extra $3 per square foot for each additional story, $1 per square foot if plant/tree covering is required, and an additional $2 per square foot for rush timelines. Please use this information to provide an accurate cost estimate for this job, considering both the roof cleaning and any additional services requested by the customer.”

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estimate for a roof cleaning job

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