Demo Promptinator Commands

[Username ~JohnDoe~] [A-Feedback- |5| ~Share your feedback…~] [B-Choose Color- |Red|Blue|Green| ~Blue~] [C-Preferences- |Email|SMS|Call| ~SMS,Call~][C-Preferences2- |Email|SMS|Call| ~SMS~] [D-Label-|option1|option2|~option1~] [D-Age-|20|~6~]
[I-Open Chat Browser- ||| ~visit Melanie AI~]
[A-Feedbacks here- |5| ~Share your feedback…~] View Smart Prompt Source Code

Text area here [qa-controls] [C-Preferences2- |Email|SMS|Call| ~SMS~] Get div to display

Button and checkmarks

[Share feedback…]
Dropdowns (number and Text) [d-div-dropdown]Open Another Label Popup

I frame for internet [`iframe-dropdown] Open Prompt Sponser

Hide Promptinator
Adjust Writing Style, Writing Tone, and Language

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