Game System and Method for Hop n Toss Math Masters

Abstract: A game system and method designed to entertain and educate players in arithmetic through physical activity. The game involves a hopscotch rug with numbered squares, beanbags, and a unique scoring...

Investing in Peace With Melanie AI’s Social Negotiator AI

Slide 1: Introduction Title: “Investing in Peace: A New Frontier for Impact and Returns” Subtitle: “A Social Negotiator AI to Foster Global Human Alignment Slide 1: Introduction Title:...

A Patent for Peace: Human-AI Alignment Through AI-Assisted Human-Human Alignment First

A Patent for Peace: Human-AI Alignment Through AI-Assisted Human-Human Alignment First In the quest for harmonious coexistence between artificial intelligence and humanity, a groundbreaking approach is...

Executive Summary of Anti-Hate AI Whitepaper

Harmonizing Human Interaction Through Anti-Hate AI This whitepaper delineates a transformative strategy for addressing hate speech and radicalization on social media via the deployment of an Anti-Hate AI...

Melanie AI – Advanced Personalization in Anti-Hate AI Interventions

Beyond Bans: A New Paradigm for Digital Governance This AI-mediated approach represents a new paradigm in digital governance, one that seeks to repair rather than simply restrict. By taking the moment of a ban...

Introduction to the Water Cycle

Absolutely! Let’s break down the challenge into a prompt stack, using the topic of “The Water Cycle” as an example for teaching elementary school students. The first 20 agents will be designed to...

AI Prompting Techniques

Here’s a structured 50-step agent prompt stack to guide the creation of a Wikipedia-style page based on user input. This process involves data gathering, content creation, review, and design, with voting agents to...

Weather Modification Microwaves

Do a report on [TOPIC], and use lots of markdowns to format your answer for the best impact. Assume line of sight microwave transmissions. Make a chart on{{output2}} markdown Write a [B-literature- |blog|scholarly...

Hidden State Prompt Commands

{{X}} Dont send to AI – Disable Send Button
{{H}} Hide output used for input on the front end.
{{S}} Select AI Output
{{T}} Trim === Output enclosed inside ===
Simply add a hidden state command to prompt

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