ChatGPT Makes Prompt Stacks Inside WordPress Editor

Absolutely. I’ll create detailed prompts for each agent, using the [TOPIC] or the previous output data to guide their actions. Here’s the setup:

Input-Output Mapping:

1st Agent: Input: [TOPIC], Output: {{output1}}
2nd Agent: Input: Prompt + {{output1}}, Output: {{output2}}
3rd Agent: Input: Prompt + {{output2}}, Output: {{output3}}

  1. Topic Introducer:
  • Prompt: “Considering the breadth of [TOPIC], can you provide an engaging and comprehensive introduction that sets the tone and context for the article?”
  • Output: {{output1}}
  1. Main Information Provider:
  • Prompt: “Building on the introduction in {{output1}}, can you delve deeper and expand on the essential information, key developments, and primary aspects of [TOPIC]?”
  • Output: {{output2}}
  1. Who Describer:
  • Prompt: “From the initial context set by {{output1}}, identify and describe the main entities, individuals, or groups prominently associated with [TOPIC].”
  • Output: {{output3}}
  1. What Describer:
  • Prompt: “Drawing insights from {{output1}}, can you detail the primary events, actions, activities, or elements that form the crux of [TOPIC]?”
  • Output: {{output4}}
  1. When Identifier:
  • Prompt: “Given the backdrop in {{output1}}, can you pinpoint the significant timelines, dates, or milestones that are crucial to understanding [TOPIC]?”
  • Output: {{output5}}
  1. Where Identifier:
  • Prompt: “Using the context from {{output1}}, identify the primary locations, regions, or venues that are intrinsically linked to [TOPIC].”
  • Output: {{output6}}
  1. Alternative Location Suggester:
  • Prompt: “While we have locations from {{output6}}, can you suggest other lesser-known, alternative, or emerging places that have relevance to [TOPIC]?”
  • Output: {{output7}}
  1. Why Explainer:
  • Prompt: “Considering the foundational information in {{output1}}, elucidate on the reasons, significance, and importance of the events or actions related to [TOPIC].”
  • Output: {{output8}}
  1. Counter-Why Explainer:
  • Prompt: “Given the rationale in {{output8}}, can you present any counterarguments, dissenting opinions, or critiques that challenge the importance of [TOPIC]?”
  • Output: {{output9}}
  1. How Explainer:
  • Prompt: “Basing your explanation on {{output1}}, can you delineate on the methods, mechanisms, or processes through which the events or actions related to [TOPIC] unfold?”
  • Output: {{output10}}
  1. Alternative Method Explainer:
  • Prompt: “Reflecting on the processes described in {{output10}}, are there any alternative, unconventional, or emerging methods associated with [TOPIC]?”
  • Output: {{output11}}
  1. Fact Gatherer:
  • Prompt: “For a comprehensive understanding, could you collate key facts, figures, and definitive information that encapsulate the essence of [TOPIC]?”
  • Output: {{output12}}
  1. Quote Collector:
  • Prompt: “To add authenticity and depth to our article on [TOPIC], could you source and provide relevant quotes from experts, scholars, or notable figures in the domain?”
  • Output: {{output13}}
  1. Statistician:
  • Prompt: “Data speaks volumes. Can you delve into research, reports, and studies to provide pertinent statistics that shed light on [TOPIC]?”
  • Output: {{output14}}
  1. Evidence Provider:
  • Prompt: “Drawing from the facts in {{output12}}, the quotes in {{output13}}, and the statistics in {{output14}}, can you consolidate and present a compelling body of evidence that underscores the main themes of [TOPIC]?”
  • Output: {{output15}}
  1. Counter-Argument Developer:
  • Prompt: “To ensure a balanced narrative, and using insights from {{output2}}, {{output5}}, {{output8}}, and {{output10}}, can you draft potential counter-arguments or alternative views that provide a different perspective on [TOPIC]?”
  • Output: {{output16}}
  1. Subheading Creator:
  • Prompt: “For a structured and reader-friendly article on [TOPIC], can you design captivating subheadings that segment the information from {{output1}}, {{output2}}, {{output8}}, and {{output10}} into digestible sections?”
  • Output: {{output17}}
  1. Bullet Pointer:
  • Prompt: “To enhance readability, could you summarize the key points and takeaways from {{output2}}, {{output12}}, and {{output13}} in a concise bullet-point format?”
  • Output: {{output18}}
  1. Table Designer:
  • Prompt: “Visual aids can be powerful. Using the rich data from {{output14}} and {{output15}}, can you craft a comprehensive table that encapsulates key findings and trends related to [TOPIC]?”
  • Output: {{output19}}
  1. Chart Designer:
  • Prompt: “A picture is worth a thousand words. Drawing from the data in {{output14}} and {{output15}}, design a visually appealing chart that effectively conveys patterns, trends, or insights about [TOPIC].”
  • Output: {{output20}}
  1. Deep Dive Researcher:
  • Prompt: Delve deeply into [TOPIC], going beyond surface-level information to uncover more detailed and lesser-known facts or insights.
  • Output: {{output21}}
  1. Contextual Historian:
  • Prompt: Using the introduction provided in {{output1}}, can you provide the historical context or background related to [TOPIC]?
  • Output: {{output22}}
  1. Case Study Explorer:
  • Prompt: Based on the main information from {{output2}}, can you offer real-world examples or case studies relevant to [TOPIC]?
  • Output: {{output23}}
  1. Cultural Context Provider:
  • Prompt: Drawing from {{output3}}, provide cultural perspectives or implications linked to [TOPIC]. How does it resonate across different cultures?
  • Output: {{output24}}
  1. Technical Explainer:
  • Prompt: Regarding {{output4}}, please explain any technical aspects, jargon, or terminologies associated with [TOPIC].
  • Output: {{output25}}
  1. Future Implications Speculator:
  • Prompt: Given the timeline from {{output5}}, ponder on the future implications, changes, or consequences of [TOPIC]. What can we anticipate?
  • Output: {{output26}}
  1. Geographical Analyzer:
  • Prompt: Analyzing {{output6}}, delve into geographical variations, relevance, or global impacts related to [TOPIC].
  • Output: {{output27}}
  1. Alternative Perspectives Provider:
  • Prompt: Reflecting on the reasons given in {{output8}}, can you offer alternative views, minority opinions, or overlooked perspectives on [TOPIC]?
  • Output: {{output28}}
  1. Methodology Breakdown Expert:
  • Prompt: Based on {{output10}}, break down the methods, techniques, or processes related to [TOPIC]. How do they function in detail?
  • Output: {{output29}}
  1. Statistical Interpreter:
  • Prompt: Using the data from {{output14}}, interpret and provide deeper insights or trends regarding the statistics tied to [TOPIC].
  • Output: {{output30}}
  1. Anecdotal Narrator:
  • Prompt: Could you share a relevant anecdote, personal story, or illustrative example related to [TOPIC]?
  • Output: {{output31}}
  1. Comparative Analyst:
  • Prompt: Using the introduction in {{output1}}, compare [TOPIC] with similar issues or subjects, highlighting both differences and similarities.
  • Output: {{output32}}
  1. Visual Data Interpreter:
  • Prompt: Examining the chart from {{output20}}, interpret its visual data and explain the significance or patterns related to [TOPIC].
  • Output: {{output33}}
  1. Quote Contextualizer:
  • Prompt: Given the quotes from {{output13}}, can you provide context, background, or a deeper understanding of each quote in relation to [TOPIC]?
  • Output: {{output34}}
  1. Ethical Implications Reviewer:
  • Prompt: Reflecting on the counter-reasons in {{output9}}, discuss the potential ethical concerns, dilemmas, or implications associated with [TOPIC].
  • Output: {{output35}}
  1. Socioeconomic Analyst:
  • Prompt: Dive into [TOPIC] from a socioeconomic perspective. How does it impact or get influenced by economic and social factors?
  • Output: {{output36}}
  1. Expert Interviewer:
  • Prompt: Conduct a mock interview with a virtual expert on [TOPIC], drawing from the main information in {{output2}}. What detailed insights can we gather?
  • Output: {{output37}}
  1. Potential Challenges Identifier:
  • Prompt: Reflecting on the methods mentioned in {{output10}}, what are potential challenges, difficulties, or roadblocks related to [TOPIC]?
  • Output: {{output38}}
  1. Recommendations Proposer:
  • Prompt: Using the timeline and insights from {{output5}}, can you propose actionable recommendations or steps forward related to [TOPIC]?
  • Output: {{output39}}
  1. Audience Feedback Simulator:
  • Prompt: Simulating potential reader feedback, how might an audience react to the counter-arguments provided in {{output16}} regarding [TOPIC]?
  • Output: {{output40}}
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