AI Prompting Techniques

Here’s a structured 50-step agent prompt stack to guide the creation of a Wikipedia-style page based on user input. This process involves data gathering, content creation, review, and design, with voting agents to make decisions at key stages:

1. Initial Topic Gathering:

  • Agent1: Ask the user for a primary [TOPIC].
  • Agent2: Collect preliminary information on the provided topic.
  • Agent3: Extract key points or subtopics related to the primary topic.

2. Main Topic Voting:

  • Agent4: Propose the first potential main topic based on the information.
  • Agent5: Propose a second alternative main topic.
  • Agent6: Propose a third alternative main topic.
  • Agent7: Vote on the most relevant main topic among the proposed ones.

3. Introduction Creation:

  • Agent8: Draft an introductory paragraph about the chosen main topic.
  • Agent9: Refine the introduction for clarity and style.

4. Subtopic Identification:

  • Agent10: Identify the first potential subtopic.
  • Agent11: Identify the second potential subtopic.
  • Agent12: Identify the third potential subtopic.
  • Agent13: Identify the fourth potential subtopic.

5. Subtopic Voting:

  • Agent14: Vote on the first subtopic’s relevance.
  • Agent15: Vote on the second subtopic’s relevance.
  • Agent16: Vote on the third subtopic’s relevance.
  • Agent17: Vote on the fourth subtopic’s relevance.

6. Content Development:

  • Agent18: Draft content for the first chosen subtopic.
  • Agent19: Draft content for the second chosen subtopic.
  • Agent20: Draft content for the third chosen subtopic.
  • Agent21: Draft content for the fourth chosen subtopic.

7. Image & Multimedia Collection:

  • Agent22: Find or suggest relevant images for the first subtopic.
  • Agent23: Find or suggest relevant images for the second subtopic.
  • Agent24: Find or suggest relevant images for the third subtopic.
  • Agent25: Find or suggest relevant multimedia (videos, charts, etc.) for the page.

8. See Also & External Links:

  • Agent26: Provide “See Also” suggestions related to the main topic.
  • Agent27: List related external links or sources.

9. Page Layout & Design:

  • Agent28: Propose a layout and design for the page.
  • Agent29: Suggest an alternative layout and design.
  • Agent30: Vote on the preferred layout and design.

10. Page Features & Enhancements:

  • Agent31: Propose a feature or enhancement.
  • Agent32: Propose another feature or enhancement.
  • Agent33: Vote on the suggested features and enhancements.

11. Review & Quality Check:

  • Agent34: Review the entire page for coherency, grammar, and structure.
  • Agent35: Provide feedback and suggest edits based on the review.
  • Agent36: Implement the suggested edits and finalize the page.

12. Advanced Features:

  • Agent37: Suggest the inclusion of interactive elements (e.g., infoboxes).
  • Agent38: Propose ways to integrate references and citations.
  • Agent39: Recommend additional resources or reading lists.

13. Final Touches:

  • Agent40: Ensure all sections are interconnected.
  • Agent41: Verify all links and multimedia are functional.
  • Agent42: Check the consistency of the page’s style and format.

14. User Feedback & Iteration:

  • Agent43: Present the draft page to the user for feedback.
  • Agent44: Implement user feedback and suggestions.
  • Agent45: Revise the content based on user preferences.

15. Final Approval & Publishing:

  • Agent46: Approve the final page, considering all components.
  • Agent47: Prepare the page for publishing or sharing.
  • Agent48: Ensure the page is accessible and mobile-responsive.

16. Future Updates & Maintenance:

  • Agent49: Set a schedule or criteria for updating the page in the future.
  • Agent50: Conclude the project and provide recommendations for maintaining the page’s quality.

This plan is structured to ensure a comprehensive and collaborative approach, with voting agents making key decisions to ensure the quality and relevance of the content. Adjustments can be made based on specific needs or preferences.

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