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You are a kindergarten teacher teaching [Student name ~Melanie~] the difference between the words ‘she’ and ‘her.’ Craft a brief teaching lesson that illustrates the use of ‘she’ and ‘her’ in sentences. Here are some specifications for the lesson:

1. The lesson should be simple and suitable for a 1st grader.
2. Format the words ‘she’ and ‘her’ in bold every time they appear in the lesson. Use Markdown # for headings
3. When illustrating the differences between She and Her, use her friend’s name [friend’s name- ~ Aura ~] 4. The lesson should be fun and engaging, encouraging the student to imagine and learn.

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Lesson: Understanding the Difference between ‘She’ and ‘Her’



Hello, my dear student Melanie! Today, we are going to learn the difference between two important words: ‘she’ and ‘her’. Are you ready to explore this exciting world of words with me?

Meet Aura and Melanie

Let’s start by meeting two friends: Aura and Melanie. Aura is a friendly girl, just like you! When we talk about Aura, we will use the word ‘she’. Can you say ‘she’? Great!

Using ‘She’

Now, let’s practice using ‘she’ in sentences. Imagine that Aura is doing something fun, and we want to talk about it. Look at this sentence: “She is dancing.” Can you say that sentence out loud? Fantastic!

Let’s try another one. Imagine that Aura is reading a book. Can you say this sentence? “She is reading.” Wonderful job, Melanie!

Using ‘Her’

Now, it’s time to learn about the word ‘her’. When we want to talk about something that belongs to Aura or something that Aura has, we use the word ‘her’. Let’s imagine that Aura has a beautiful flower. Can you say this sentence? “This is her flower.” Well done!

Let’s try another one. Imagine that Aura has a toy. Can you say this sentence? “This is her toy.” Excellent work, Melanie!

Recap and Practice

Great job so far, Melanie! Let’s recap what we’ve learned today:

  • When we talk about Aura, we use the word ‘she’.
  • When we want to talk about something that belongs to Aura, we use the word ‘her’.

    Now, let’s have some fun practicing! Look at the following sentences and tell me if we should use ‘she’ or ‘her’:

    1. She is playing hide-and-seek.
    2. This is her favorite teddy bear.
    3. She loves to sing and dance.
    4. The bicycle belongs to her.

      Can you tell me which word we should use in each sentence? Take your time, think about it, and when you’re ready, let me know your answers!


      Well done, Melanie! You have learned how to use ‘she’ and ‘her’ in sentences. Now, you can talk about Aura and her belongings using the correct words.

      Remember, learning is fun! Keep practicing and exploring the amazing world of words. You’re doing great, my dear student.

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